Our Vision

A bougiemama is a thoughtful mama. Often called ‘bougie’ for questioning the parenting status quo, we realize that there’s no right answer, except the one  that makes us feel informed and empowered.


We offer community to connect with other amazing women. We envision a world where a new mama can find her community in just a few clicks!

Share your unique perspective, blog, or expertise with other mamas by being a featured mama in an article.  Weigh in on topics discussed in our articles or posts in our forum by leaving a comment and conversing with others.

Learn from other mamas in the articles and through conversation in the comments.

“The rising tide raises all ships.” When we join together, share, and learn from one another, we all move forward as a community. Take the knowledge & resources from our site, and live your best life!

Resources include:

A Curated book list.

The BougieMama Boutique

Free Printables

Local Events.


Thank you for joining us on this journey!