About Us

Bougiemama.com was founded in 2017 by 3 Mamas of Color with the hopes of building the inclusive mom community that we all want to see.



Bridgid-Ryan is a native Chicagoan who spent a chunk of her childhood in Indiana. She attended art school for fashion design and has a degree with a concentration in International Business. Currently, in Texas, Bridgid is a wife and proud stay-at-home mamma of two toddler boys who keep her plenty busy. Once her children are in school, Bridgid-Ryan aspires to become a certified children’s yoga instructor.

Bridgid oversees everything under in our Lifestyle category and loves hosting ladies’ brunch in Houston.

Cecilia was born and raised outside of Boston. She is currently a doctoral student in Social Policy at Brandeis University and has her master’s degree in Educational Studies from Tufts University. Cecilia hopes to pursue a career in teaching and researching racial health inequities. Cecilia is the mother of a rapidly growing baby girl and looks forward to training for and running her next ultramarathon!

Cecilia oversees almost everything within our Wellness category.

Desiree was born and raised in Indiana, to a single mama. She left the state at the first chance she got and never looked back! Since then, she’s lived on both coasts, gotten a degree, worked with hundreds of college students, and professionally and personally devoted herself to diversity and inclusion in spaces of higher education and tech. She is married to a man who she really likes most days, and is mama to a toddler daughter who makes her laugh every day. Currently, she’s living in Oakland, CA.

 Desiree oversees pretty much everything in our Prosperity category.