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    Tip of the Week: How ASMR Helps With My Anxiety & Stress

    I am not a therapist but here’s a little Tip Tuesday that helps my family and may also work with yours if you are dealing with stress and anxiety….

    Listening to ASMR tracks.

       One day, the whole family was having a very high stress day. My baby was super whiney and fussy. My 4 yr old was over stimulated and freaking out. My 7yr old was getting stressed by his younger siblings losing it. And I was about to have a panic attack.

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    I don’t know what made me do it but I yelled to my Google Home; “Hey Google, play ASMR sounds on Spotify.”

    Within 60 seconds of random sounds playing on the speaker (paper being crumbled, scissors cutting, etc.), my panic attack began melting away. My baby began to calm down and listen. My 4yr old had stopped jumping around yelling and just lied down on the couch, listening as well.  IT. WAS. AMAZING!

    If you aren’t familiar with ASMR, let’s dive a little. ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response it’s basically a trigger sensory response that causes a euphoric like feeling, along with a tingling of the scalp that travels down the back of the neck and spine, instantaneously relaxing the whole body. It is usually triggered by certain sounds or textures. More info can be read at Science Daily or BBC’s Science Focus.

       Not everyone has the same response, some actually feel anger or rage triggers. But if you are dealing with high stress or anxiety, it’s definitely worth testing out. Search ASMR on your favorite music streaming app or on YouTube and check it out for yourself!


    Let us know in the comments or on Instagram what your experience with ASMR has been.

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