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    Keeping up with Laundry: Easy Step-By-Step for Busy and Large Families

    Get into a mom-circle thats talking about the house and inevitably the issue of laundry will surface. It is never-ending and is plain overwhelming at times. Until the kids are at ages where they are doing the entire process from sorting to folding, this bridge just has to be crossed Every. Single. Week.

    I used to dread laundry, for me it was the folding that just didn’t do it. Thank goodness we found a way to make it a normal, and a painless part of our weekly schedule!


    If you want to get straight to the how, scroll down to see our process. And if you’ve got laundry in the bag then this post isn’t for you, shoot actually maybe pass along your tips to us because we can always help each other out.Share Sharing Is Caring GIF by stellar247


    Back to the point. I got this idea from my husband to be honest. A few times per year I would leave for a week or two for work. Each time I came back my husband would have mostly all the laundry cleaned and folded.

    For awhile, I chalked it up to fluke, guess I wasn’t ready to give him his cred. But then last year, I was unexpectedly in the hospital for a week and I came home to ZERO laundry. I was shocked because it wasn’t like he was just home idling away. Daily during that time he worked, helped the kids get their homework done, cooked, and still brought the kids to visit me!


    Now I know Roosevelt said “comparison is the thief of joy.” But I had to seriously ask myself how in the H.E. double hockey sticks!

    He answered with a shrug and a casual “I just do it all at once.”

    Pretty sure my brain glitched a little bit trying to decode this madness. Before, I truly couldn’t figure out how to get out of the never-ending heap. My 5 kids were all ages 3-8 at the time and I was washing every other day. Some of my friends have said they like doing laundry daily….I am NOT one of those people. I did it because I had no other method, but now I have my own low-key system that keeps me only having to launder once, max twice per week. Hope this helps!


    Keeping Up with Laundry: Easy Step-By-Step for Busy and Large Families

    As I mentioned we are a family of 7. Our kids are like many others, they like to change outfits multiple times per day, or rather have to because they play in dirt, water, etc. This is how we’ve managed to get out of the daily laundry and into a much less stressful system.

    1. Reduce baskets: We used to have (and fill) 5 dirty clothes baskets. Now we only have 2! By the end of the week our baskets are overflowing, two large full baskets equate to about 5-6 loads of laundry.
    2. Bedding stays separate: On laundry day we strip the bedding and load them straight into the wash. Not adding them to the baskets, frees up space.
    3. Wash on assigned days: This obviously will not work for cloth diapered babies but it can work for your standard laundry piles. Like any good time management system we only do things during the time we’ve allotted. For us laundry days are Fridays and Saturdays. Typically we can complete all in one day but if not, having Saturday as the roll-over day helps.
    4. Get the kids involved: On laundry days I wash everything. The kids (ages 4-9) help me fold and they re-make their own beds with clean linens. Of course with their ages not everything is perfect but honestly I care more about done decently with help than perfect without help.
    5. Stick to your schedule: In our house whatever doesn’t get done gets saved until the next wash day. Periodt. This is a big one for me and is literally what made me start getting everything done within the two days. Knowing I will not wash again until the next scheduled time makes me hustle when needed so I/we can rest when we want. The only exceptions will be things that get blood, paint, etc. But that’s definitely getting more rare.

    That’s it! At first I was tempted to not stick to our schedule, either by not washing everything or by not folding it all. However it’s been a year since we’ve implemented this as our regular process and I’m happy to say it is keeping us sane and free to focus on other things. Life organization for the win!


    Much Love,



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