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    5 Steps Towards A Fulfilling Career

    As we all know, motherhood is a game changer! It changes your body, how you feel about things, it may change your priorities and goals, and it can certainly change how you feel about your work and career.

    I’m a coach for new moms and working moms with young children, and one thing I encourage them to do, is to have a career check-in around 6-12 months after they have had their child, and to keep having them annually after that to help your career go in the direction you’d like it to go. There are five steps to this check-in process: Check It – Say It – Plan It – Do It – Flow with It.

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    Check it.

    Some questions to ask in these check-ins include:

    • Is my current job meeting my needs (financial, time, priorities, values)?
    • Does it look like my current job will continue to meet my needs one – two years from now?
    • What do I enjoy about my work?
    • What don’t I like about it?
    • Where are some areas I would like to grow? What skills would I like to develop?
    • If I could be doing anything, what would I do? What impact would I have? What would I be known for?
    • Considering all this, what goals and dreams do I have for my career?

    After answering these questions, the next thing to do is to “say it.”

    Say it.

    Sometimes people have secret dreams in their hearts, dreams they don’t share with others, that they won’t even say out loud to themselves.

    At the very least, I challenge you to write down your goals and dreams. Say them aloud. If you feel comfortable, you can share them with a family member, supervisor, or friend.

    There is power in acknowledging what you want, and if you share it with people who might support you, they can help you get there.

    Next, you want to plan it.


    Plan it.

    Now that you’ve got the goal in mind, break it down into actionable steps. If you don’t know exactly how you might get there, that’s ok! Add the research as a step in the plan. You can research by reading books and articles, searching online, and/or doing informational interviews with others who have done what you want to do. Now that you’ve got the plan, you can start executing it!

    Do it.

    Sometimes, the hardest part of something like this is starting it. Sometimes in the middle you may get discouraged. That’s ok – there will be ups and downs in the journey. Just take it one step at a time.

    It’s helpful to get support in this time as well. Good options could be family, friends, a mentor, a coach, or a supervisor.


    Flow with it.

    See what opportunities are available to you along the way and feel free to take advantage of those as you press on towards your goals.

    In this process, some moms find they want to keep doing what they’re doing, some find they want to go for new responsibilities, a promotion or a new job, and some moms find they need to increase or decrease their hours at their current job. Every mom and family are different, with different goals and needs. You want to make sure you are doing what is best for you and your family.

    Taking these five steps, Check It – Say It – Plan It – Do It – Flow with It,  will help keep you on track for career advancement and a fulfilling career that’s right for you. Don’t wait – start this process today!


    This was written by featured mama Chloe Bass.

    Chloe is a Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Making Working Motherhood Work, a coaching and consulting organization dedicated to helping new moms successfully navigate the transition to working motherhood and supporting working moms with young children to make working motherhood work for them, their families, and their careers. Download her FREE Self-Care Guide for Busy Moms from the website, or schedule a free consult to talk with Chloe about a plan for your career here.

    Connect with Chloe on social media via her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

    Has motherhood made you think differently about your work life?

    In what ways?



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