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    #TIPOFTHEWEEK: Using Affirmation Candles

    This week is all about healing and happiness. Using daily affirmations is important for anyone’s journey to happiness. Affirmations help a person to become more aware of their own thoughts and their words. By becoming more aware you are able to take control. When you take control of your thoughts and words you are able to reduce the negativity that sneaks in. This process helps you to live each day intentionally and with love & positivity.

    Now where does the use of candles come in?


    The practice of lighting a candle with intention is used all over the world. You’ve probably done it before and didn’t even know it. Have you ever lit a candle for a birthday cake? That candle was lit with the intention of representing the years that the birthday person has lived and holding a birthday wish for that person. The Catholic church lights candles with intention when saying a prayer or to represent a loved one that has passed on. I challenge you to try this practice of lighting with intention when saying your affirmations. Say your affirmations and goals and light your candle with the intention of breathing life into your words, so that they will manifest in your life.

    Interested in learning more? If you want to learn more about this subject I encourage you to turn to our featured blogger of this week, Mariëlle. She works to assist spiritual women in living from a place of love, harmony and authenticity. She is also a mama-preneur that makes amazing affirmation candles to use in your daily self-care practices.

    Below is Mariëlle’s message to you!

    “I love myself. I love myself radically, honestly, and freely. I am safe, protected, and supported.”

    This is how the affirmation card for the Queen candle starts out. It’s a candle that I created with You in mind…

    The Queen candle is a great addition to your morning and evening rituals, as she has been created to speak to, and affirm, your femininity.

    Delicately scented with bergamot, lemon, and geranium rose essential oils, she reminds you of your Divine connection, instills courage and confidence, and assists you in releasing unwanted thoughts. Leaving you strengthened, emboldened and in harmony with yourself.

    Which is why I’d like to remind you to  take time for yourself and be mindful of your role in co-creating reality with the Divine.

    What I propose is taking time in the morning and the evening to affirm yourself… Use our affirmation card to affirm all the things that are beautiful and amazing about you.

    The new year will come with its own challenges and setbacks. But know that with the right self-talk you can be prepared to show for yourself, as yourself.

    Buy your Queen affirmation candle today and start the new year out with words that build you up.

    Order now at Spiritualistabeautique.com 

    What kind of affirmations do you say to yourself? Have you ever lit a candle with intention?

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