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    #TIPOFTHEWEEK Throw Out Your Scale

    Now that I have your attention…I am (mostly) kidding! I wanted to talk this week about weight, body image, and goals since many of us started the new year with a resolution or two that would fall into one of those categories.

    For many years I focused on weight and being under a certain number until I had an eye-opening conversation with a trainer. She explained several things to me including the fact that muscle weighs more than fat and that as you are entering a fitness routine and strengthening muscles, you should pay attention to other changes, not just the number on the scale. She introduced me to this article, that highlights this important fact by showing pictures of a woman’s weight increasing and with it the increase in muscle tone and loss of inches all over her body.

    This conversation sparked so many questions and ideas in my mind. Like I said, for so long I had carried these slightly incorrect assumptions in my mind with weight and the number on the scale being the more important.


     Cecilia after a resistance band workout

    My thoughts on this have shifted a lot over the years, especially as I am running and lifting weights. I am mindful of my weight but not in the same way of trying to watch the numbers quickly tick down. It is in combination with some other markers that are usually much more important to me than the number on the scale.

    Those include:

    1. How fast and well I can run 5 miles (this number changes based on what I am training for)

    2. How quickly my arms get tired holding my daughter

    3. How winded I am when I reach the top of the stairs

    4. How do I feel when I wake up in the morning, how am I sleeping

    5. How well my favorite pants fit

    6. How much weight I can squat

    7. How well I am eating and am I hitting my fruit and vegetable goals


    My mindset has changed from a number that provides limited information about my overall health to measures of feeling, connecting with my body, and performance. These things are personally more important to me than what the scale has to say.

    What do you all think? What are ways — other than the scale — that you use to measure your health? What are some of the resolutions that you set around health and wellness?

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