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    #TipOfTheWeek: Road Tripping With Kids Survival 101

    We road trip as a family of 7 plus a dog at least twice per year. Each trip is 6 hrs or more. Our last trip from New Mexico to Chicago was 29 hrs with stops. Here are some tips that work for our family.

    Make A List & Check It Twice: I make a list one week before, of everything I wanna get done and then start working on the most important things because inevitably I make a list that is larger than my ability. In the past, I’d focus on things like cleaning the entire house including floors before I packed which would keep me stressed out and keep me up till 2 a.m. the day of our trip….er no. Now I focus on the most important first.

    Time Moves Faster Than Me: The most frantic trips happen when I made my list 7 days before but didn’t get to my tasks until 3 days before. Staying on a realistic time schedule keeps me, my husband, my kids, and even my dog sane.

    Happy Kids Happy Life: Our trips are long so just about anything that’ll keep the tykes happy can go. We get two-three backpacks that can fit under the seat and pack with books, toys, etc.

    Mind-Games: It works for us to always plan to leave an hour before we have to so that we leave on time, I don’t know why but it works.

    Relax & Enjoy: The advantage of road-tripping, usually means we can go at our own pace so we look for rest stops and fast food places with play areas. When day-traveling we take a 45-60min pit stop every 5-6hrs to eat, bathroom breaks and allow the kids to run out all the crazy. It seems like a long break but it goes fast but also keeps them content and travel-able for the trip. When I used to travel alone with my babies under 1 yr. old, I’d stop more often for shorter periods to allow their skin to breath as they’d get sweat breakouts under those baby fat folds and to nurse.

    This post was written by Tiffany Gutierrez. You might remember her from our Mama & Me Fitness tip of the week from a few months ago. She is a homeschooling mama of 5, business owner, and personal trainer. You can find Tiffany on Facebook and Instagram.







    Have you ever been on a road trip with little ones? How’d it go?

    Share your experiences with us in the comments! We’d love to hear from ya.






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    Aria | Blogs by Aria

    Whew! That’s sounds a lot! definitely great tips to be prepared!


    Traveling with kids can be hard. I agree that you have to leave earlier than you need to since there will be multiply stops on the road trip.

    Tabitha Blue

    We love to road trip as well and those long pit stops between a few hours on the road are SO important. Great tips!!

    Jennifer Maune

    Stops to get out the crazies are definitely very important to keep the kids (and parents) sane!



    Great tips! Your car sure is full! I agree with you happy kids happy life! 🙂


    Sharon Chen

    Awesome momma! These tips are surely very helpful 🙂

    Tiffany Gutierrez

    Thanks everyone, glad the tips can help. Do you all have any other to add? We know road-tripping with kids strategy can change based on age range and individuals, so share all the tips lol

    Justine @ Little Dove

    Keeping lists and staying organized is definitely key to a successful family road trip! We drove from northern California to Mississippi last September.