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    #TIPOFTHEWEEK DIY Your Very Own Kid-Friendly Deep Conditioner

    This summer is getting real and fast. My father called me from Chicago and told me that they were getting 90 degree days, and just a few hours away from me in San Antonio, it was already getting to the 100’s.  o_o

    Ever since I moved to Texas I noticed that my curls will actually get sunburned. So I had to start making my own deep conditioning treatment to keep my hair healthy while being exposed to the harsh southern summer sun. The DIY hair masks that I would make once a week or every other week made all the difference in the world. Like night & day type of difference.

    No matter where you live, you can customize your very own deep conditioning treatment with these key ingredients. Oh, and did I mention they’re all natural?? Yup. So you can give your kid’s curls some love as well.

    Keep reading to see if you already have these ingredients in your home!


    A L O E   V E R A

    While all the other ingredients are optional, this is the main magic-maker that you want to keep on hand at all times. Just like aloe vera soothes sunburned skin, it does the same for your hair. Putting aloe in your hair regularly will keep a good moisture balance and help to fight the effects of the harsh heat.

    You can either get aloe directly from the plant (most grocery stores sell aloe leaves in the produce section) or buy a bottle of 100% pure aloe vera juice. I personally like the raw aloe from the plant when making a hair mask because it’s thicker and stays on your hair better. But I also use the juice as a light over-all spray right after washing my hair.

    I’ll usually use one whole large aloe leaf for my hair. Mind you, I have a lot of very thick hair and it is down to about the bottom of my shoulder blades.

    O L I V E   O I L

    Unlike a lot of other oils, olive oil is amazing for moisturizing the hair because it is light enough to actually penetrate the hair shaft. A lot of other oils won’t penetrate the hair shaft, rather they’ll just sit on top of the hair and act as a sealant. You can even warm it up just a little to boost it’s effects.

    My hair only likes a little bit of olive oil so I usually do about half a tablespoon, but you can adjust according to your own hair.

    G R A P E S E E D   O I L

    This is my absolute favorite oil to use on both my hair and skin. It’s very light and extremely moisturizing. It also is able to get into the hair shaft well, just like olive oil, it’s just slightly lighter on the hair than olive oil.

    I really don’t measure but I’ll usually do about a tablespoon per head.

    B A N A N A

    Yes, put some banana in your hair. They are rich in natural oils, vitamins, and other goodness that helps your hair to be stronger and more elastic. This means that you will have less breakage and split ends. Hello, edges!

    All you need is about half of a medium-sized banana per head.

    A V O C A D O

    I used avocado religiously until my second pregnancy caused me to absorb my son’s avocado allergy. (nice little pregnancy side effect ). Avocado has similar effects to your hair as a banana. Your hair will be stronger, a lot shinier, and a lot less frizzy. Pair banana and avocado together in a deep conditioner and O M G.

    One whole small avocado is good per head.

    Those are my top 5 go-to’s for a quick & easy DIY hair mask. You can either mix them up by hand, with a hand mixer, or throw them all in the blender (the easiest). Feel free to add a tiny bit of water to get the consistency you want. You just want to be sure that the banana and avocado are completely mixed down and smooth without any chunks.

    Coat your hair in the mixture and let it sit, preferably under a plastic cap, for 20-30 minutes. Then wash your hair as you normally would. Do this once a week or twice a month for shiny, healthy summer curls!

    Don’t forget to deep condition your little one’s curls too! Make it a fun at-home-spa day. Tag us in a pic for a repost in our InstaStories if you do, we’d love to see how it works out for ya.



    Happy conditioning!     BR

    Thanks for pinning!

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    Mindy Thompson

    I never heard of using avocado on my hair! I am trying that this week!!

    Xo Mindy

    Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    I’ve never put an avocado in my own hair. I’ve been loc’d for about 14 years. When I cut my hair I’d be more willing to use an avocado or a banana. I have seen the beauty of the natural conditioning treatments on my friends who are natural and their results were magnificent.


    I have used banana baby food before . Already blended,no lumps.

    Leslie H
    Leslie H

    Natural is the way to go with our children..love this

    Foodie Finds Home

    These are great tips. I’ve been looking for something to use in my daughter’s hair for conditioning and I am looking forward to trying the remedies listed here.

    Mimi Green

    I need to really try my hand at this. My daughter has a head full of hair. Summer camp brings a lot of sun and water. It needs all the protection it can get.


    I’ve heard of these but admit I haven’t tried them yet. Well, I have used olive oil. I need to get back to using it.


    Your hair looks so healthy and strong, so this must be a good mix! Especially for the winter months when eveyrthing is so dry.


    I’ve used all of these in my hair before. There was a time when I would make my hair products from scratch, and then life.


    My kind of beauty tips. I think people are getting smart about going natural, which means using natural ingredients to have the healthiest hair. Also try a bentonite clay hair mask!


    Wow! Lovely sharing as I love own DIY recipe & stuff for lifestyle, gonna try this out as I got dry frizzy hair 😉 cheers, Siennylovesdrawing


    I’ve honestly thought about making my own hair products because buying them can be super expensive, but I’m so lazy! You just inspired me. Thanks for this. I’m always looking for a deep conditioner.