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    #TIPOFTHEWEEK 3 Natural Air Purifiers That Double As Home Decor

    Last week, Desiree touched on the subject of having plants in your home for cleaner air. I thought I’d elaborate on that and compose a list of informational resources and plants for you to consider putting in your home.

    I always knew that plants in your house meant that your air would be cleaner, but I didn’t realize just how much cleaner. I also never realized the amount and kinds of toxins that could be in our homes and exposed to our family.

    Did you?!

    So after Des shared that amazing tip on Instagram, I looked into it more to find which plants were the best and could easily be used as decor in your home.

    Here is what I found…

    According to NASA’s study, plants were tested against these toxins: benzene, formaldehyde,  trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and ammonia. Out of those plants tested, these are the most effective and (in my opinion) best-looking ones to use as functional decor in your home.

    Peace Lily

    I’m biased to this because it’s my Grandmother’s favorite flower. Lillies are so gorgeous, just another excuse to go out and buy more. They remove all 6 tested toxins, however, they are toxic to cats and dogs. So be sure to have them up and out of reach. A vase on a floating shelf on the wall would be great.

    Bamboo Palm

    Unlike a lily, this is one of those great background plants to put in your living room or entryway. This type of palm was found to remove everything besides ammonia and they are conveniently non-toxic to cats and dogs. You could easily pair a palm with an awesome large statement pot for beautiful and functional decor.  This photo below is courtesy of The Family Tree Inc.



    This plant is a staple of home plants and removes all toxins tested except for ammonia. Like the bamboo palm, you can easily pair this plant with your favorite statement pot and put pretty much anywhere in your home. Keep in mind, this plant is also toxic to pets so putting it up on a nice shelf or hanging in a decorative plant holder is best. This photo is courtesy of the Davenport Garden Centre.


    The Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm, and Song Of India plants are my top 3 suggestions for plants that effectively clean the air in your home and add some great decor while doing it. For more ideas on styling the plants in your home, I have pinned helpful pins to our House & Home Pinterest board. Check it out!

    For more info: this graphic from LifeHacker is a great breakdown of all the pertinent info from the clean air study

    credit: LifeHacker.com

    Do you have plants in your home or any from NASA’s list? Have you checked to see how they contribute to the air quality of your home? Tell us all about it in the comments below! Bonus points for any photos.

    Happy plant shopping!


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    Ruthy @ Percolate Kitchen

    I love this! We’ve been one-by-one filling our apartment with plants and they make such a difference!


    This is so interesting!! We’re not big plant people so I know next to nothing about plants haha I learned a lot from this!


    The only one I have in my house if the spider plant. It can grow like anything even when i forget to water it a couple days! With the kid loving to rip up plants, I have to wait a little while until he’s older before I get more.


    I really need to start filling my home with plants. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!