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    Tip of the Week: Start Your Own Garden

    Growing up, my parents reserved a patch of the back yard for their garden. I have vivid memories of my mother sending me out to pick the vegetables for our dinner’s salad! It was that deep! I’ve always wanted to continue in that vein and this year is the year that we will try to aspire to that level. This tip of the week will focus on tips for starting your own garden, in case you’re interested in the same thing too!

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    Do some research, know your zone

    Based on where you are in the US and in the world, different plants will grow better or worse and you will have to plant them at different times. All of this is based on your zone, how much sunlight you get, and the temperature. It’s easy to find out your zone (click here for a comprehensive chart), then pick vegetables and fruits based on that! The charts will also tell you what needs to be started inside and transplanted outside and what can be planted directly outside (if you’re starting from seed).

    Pick a few things and go from there

    Don’t go to far down the rabbit hole! For your first garden pick a few things that you are really excited about and go for that. It’s easy to get carried away and want to plant everything. Concentrate on starting small and then grow from there 😉

    Think about easy ways to fertilize your garden

    There are lots of easy household items that can be used to fertilize your garden. Usually for free! Do you make a morning cup of coffee? Those used coffee grounds can be mixed into soil as a fertilizer! Knowing these small details will help grow your garden at a low cost.


    Those are my quick, beginner tips for a garden! What do you think? Have you had a garden? What would you add to the list?



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