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    #TipOfTheWeek: Minimize Phone Usage

    It can be so hard for my husband and I to put down our phones in the evenings to really spend time with each other and our daughter. We’re so programmed to check it at every notification, that we tend to pick it up to check something and get pulled in. Alternatively, we go to check the time, and end up on social media. It’s actually really frustrating, and we spend time reminding each other to stay off of our phones all night!

    So this tip is for any of you mamas who are having a similar issue!

    Make a pact with your significant other. Both of your phones go in one place together, face down. Whoever picks up their phone first during the evening, has to wash the dishes!


    It’s that easy! Try it one night a week, and then increase it from there!

    Let us know how it works!

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