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    Tip of the Week: Daily Self-Care in 3 Minutes or Less

    Self-care.  Hmm… is there a mom in the continental United States who has not been told by a well-meaning loved one, or stranger for that matter, that we need to focus on self-care? I don’t know about you but I’m a mom of 5, wife, business-woman, dog-owner, I mean really does it matter because the list goes on.

    At the heart of it, I am a busy mom in a fast-paced world and even the mention of self-care makes me go “ugh, one more thing for the daily task list.” Add to that, I’m not really sure anyone in my family history ever really practiced self-care, I mean maybe getting their hair done when it was a must to be “fried, died and laid to the side” but I think that was more social necessity than self-care, amiright?!

    So instead of this idea becoming something positive for me, it added stress which essentially seems to be the opposite of self-care.

    But then my life went crazy for an entire year and it was so stressful that I developed anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and all that goes with that like weight-gain (ahem, Personal Trainers are not immune to weight-gain), oh yeah and hair-loss, and acne.

    It was just a hard year.

    For months a friend/yoga-enthusiast steadily suggested to me to start doing guided meditations, which I nodded and smiled but knew that I would never do. Then being the amazing friend that she is, she texted me an app (Insight Timer) and a specific meditation and said “hey listen to this and let me know what you think,” I had no way out so I downloaded the app, took a listen and have been doing guided meditations as often as I need.

    There are so many studies on the practice of meditation and relaxation, maybe we can get more into that one day to follow up on Reiki. (See our article on Reiki here.) For now however, let me just say it has personally been a practical, free practice that I can do each day to just focus on a happier, more sane version of me!

    So to my Bougiemama friends out there I say “here’s a recent meditation I did when I had migraines, let me know what you think” (wink wink) Meditation for Headaches-Insight Timer



    Share with us in the comments below:

    How is your self-care going? Do you find it hard to take a quick minute and get your self together or have you been able to get a bit of a routine down? If you are hesitant about regular self-care, what is holding you back?

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    Jennifer Maune

    I love the effect that just a few minutes of meditation can have on your day! It’s definitely a great way to practice self care, even when you just don’t have the time!



    Meditation takes practice but what a transformational effect it has!


    My hubby mediates and loves it. I need to start doing it because it seems to work wonders.


    I love a good app that helps walk you through it!