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    The Guest Blog Feature: What’s in it for You?

    Sunday is typically the day where we feature a guest blogger. But this week, I’m a little behind the times, and don’t have a guest post queued up to share. (*Hashtag Honesty*)

    So, instead I’m going to share the reasons why you should consider guest blogging with us (or anyone really!)

    1. Exposure

    Let’s get this one out of the way…because we all hate being asked to do work for exposure. But it’s an important one to note: guest blogging can give you great exposure for your blog, project, website, business, etc. The caveat here is that you should really investigate whether your audience fits well with the site you’re considering sharing content with. Does their list of followers match your intended customer, client, and/or audience? If so, this might be a great opportunity for you to get some additional eyes to your offerings. Be sure to stipulate that your site be linked directly in your post, and that any relevant social media links also be shared!

    2. Google Search Results Boosting

    I’m not a Google search results expert by any means, but I know one thing: that algorithm is SMART. It’s constantly scouring the internet for signs that content is valuable, and that content creators know what they’re talking about. One way to show your site is full of golden wisdom and that you’re knowledgable about your topic or business of choice: have another site link to your site in an article about related content. In other words, guest blogging can help boost your search results by adding credibility to your site in Google’s eyes!


    3. Networking

    This is slightly different than exposure, though they are closely related. Build relationships with the sites you are guest blogging with! You never know when an opportunity might come their way that they can pass on to you. Or what other bloggers they may connect you with. An example is of course BougieMama. We get to talk to and know logs of mama bloggers (which we love by the way!) As we grow, we’ll pass opportunities and connections to our growing network. We even created a group to help our bloggers connect and stay in touch with each other. This is a great way to share tips, build accountability circles, and even collaborate in social media giveaways, etc.

    4. Accountability

    Blogging is hard ass work (this should go on a t-shirt). Let me say it again: blogging is hard ass work. If you’re a blogger, chances are your family has no idea how hard it is to build any revenue from blogging. Creating content, building a following, building business partnerships/sponsorships, keeping up with social media trends and rules…

    I could go on, but I’m trying to encourage you here. Guest blogging, and having your work affirmed and shared by another site can be just the encouragement you need to keep going. After all, your favorite blogger’s site wasn’t built in a day. Perseverance is key to success.

    Ultimately, whether you choose to share with us, or another site, know that your hard work in creating content is appreciated and is also valuable to your own goals! At the end of the day, whether you’re trying to earn a little ad revenue, or just share your experiences, know that your perspective is unique and can help out someone else searching for a lifeline in the middle of the night when their kid has bitten them for

    the 5th time while nursing and they just want to quit right then and there but all the formula-selling stores are closed (whoa, that got personal real quick).

    So what are you writing/selling/creating these days? Share with us!

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