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    Sunday Runway: Parenting With Style (Pt. 2)

    It’s time for part 2 of our series and I am so excited to be featuring another friend of mine. Style blogger, Ash Marie, used to work with me in Chicago just like Shavonne from Part 1 did.  If you haven’t seen our first installment of this series check it out here.

    Ash and I clicked over style and fashion right away. She was able to pinpoint my personal style like no one has ever been able to before. It’s been so cool to watch her grow into a mother now and still keep her amazing fashion sense and sassy-ness. Because I don’t know about you, but I feel like all of that went out the window once I became a mom.

    In this interview, Ash and I discuss fashion, self-image, insecurities, self-love, and how all of that collides with parenting. Read on to find out how Ash parents with style.

    Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!


    Let’s start this out by letting everyone know who you are, about your background in fashion, what city you live in, and who your family consists of.

    My name is Ashley, but I go by Ash. I have always LOVED fashion and looking good as long as I can remember. I was majoring in fashion merchandising at one of those fancy art schools. Glad I didn’t stay there because the school ended up closing. I was born and raised in the Chi! My family is tiny but mighty. It’s me, my 18-month-old daughter Marley, and her dad, Bran.

    Try to describe your style in 5 words or less.

    Ooh that’s hard……….classic, boho chic, and comfy. It’s always changing or evolving I should say.

    Based off of your daughter’s personality so far, how do you guess her personal style will be like?

    This is a good question. Since both her dad and I love fashion I think she will definitely develop her own cool, unique style. She’s already playing in my heels. Lol

    Were you stylish as a kid? If not, when did you start to come into your own personal style?

    I was definitely stylish as a kid growing up. My mom was into designer clothes, labels and names never mattered to me, they still don’t. But I remember being at a store with my aunt and seeing this white patent leather purse I wanted and wouldn’t buy for me. I had the biggest tantrum in that store! Lol. I had to be about five or six. I always enjoyed playing dress up, watching my grandma get ready to go out, and I loved looking at old photos of my grandmother. Her style was amazing.

    How much freedom will Marley have with her style, will she be allowed to pick out all of her own outfits? Also, how important do you think it is to let children express themselves the way they want & why?

    Once I found out I was pregnant I already said that I would raise he/she totally different from how I was raised. My mom really didn’t let me pick out my clothes as a child, she didn’t let me express myself. So Marley will definitely have all the freedom she wants to dress her self as long as its appropriate (for when she gets older). Also, I think it is very important to let kids express themselves. They may come out looking like you, but they have their own personality. I’m excited to see how Marley style will be as she gets older. It’s important because kids have opinions just like adults, even though they are told otherwise, they should be able to express what mood or emotion they’re feeling for the day.

    Some people think of style & beauty as being just something that’s superficial and not really all that important. How has beauty and fashion made an impact in your life?

    Omg…well, I was bullied really badly in high school and hated going to school every day…BUT I did enjoy getting cute and getting my hair done. I would notice I would get compliments here and there on my outfits and it made me feel good about myself. I really used that to try to boost my confidence as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I was still teased every day from the same bullies. But one compliment from a nice person would make me feel better. The media has made beauty and style superficial but to me its the total opposite. I never looked at fashion or anything superficial. It was me expressing myself because the saying really is true: When you look good, you feel good.

    What’s something that you struggled with, regarding beauty, while growing up and how did you (or have you) overcome it as an adult?

    As far as beauty goes, I just didn’t like how I looked when I was younger. I didn’t like my face. I thought I was weird looking. I’m actually still working on that. I think I’ve come a long way though.

    Looking back at everything, what’s something that you would want to tell your teenage self?

    Do not care what others think of you!!! And, inner beauty is what matters the most at the end of the day. Being a good human being, having a good heart, and staying true to yourself no matter what someone may think of you. And lastly: STOP COMPARING!

    And what’s something that you would tell other moms who are dealing with self-image issues after going through all of the physical changes that having a baby brings on?

    I would tell them, to look themselves in the mirror and say 3 positive things that they like about themselves, then grab their baby and have them both look in the mirror & set an example for your child so that they have self-love for themselves.


    How do you plan to use fashion and beauty to send a message to your daughter about self-image? What specifically will that message be?

    I want Marley to know that you never know what a person is going through, and you should never judge them based on what they’re wearing, how they act, or how they look. Yes, I love clothes and shoes, but at the end of the day, I can make a dress from Family Dollar look just as good as designer one. True style comes from within and can’t be duplicated. As long as you like how you like, eff what the rest has to say. Own it, walk in your truth and purpose, and never stop being you.

    Random question: What’s a beauty or fashion trend that you absolutely love and what’s one that you wish would end immediately?

    Hmmm…I’m really loving the comeback of flares and off the shoulder tops with wide sleeves. I would totally fine if the cold shoulder died and anything acid wash has to stop.

    How do you think beauty standards in today’s society differ from what they were 10 or even 20 years ago?

    Hmm…well with all this social media that is out now, I think the standards are even higher than before because soo many people want to look like others. I am glad to see somebody positive influencers out there though. We need to see more of that.

    Who are 3 of your biggest celebrity influences?

    Tracee Elliss Ross, Solange, and Rihanna.


    Lastly, where are some of your favorite places to go shopping for yourself and your little one? And what’s the last style or beauty product you bought that you absolutely loved?

    I love bargain stores, such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack. They all sell really cute affordable kids clothes, as well as for adults. I recently bought a knit tank from Marshalls in a rose beige color. It’s really pretty and I can wear it with several items in my closet.

    Thank you so much for letting me interview you! Now let everyone know where they can find & connect with you on social media.

    It was my pleasure! Please follow me on Instagram and Snapchat. Also, I will be relaunching my fashion/lifestyle blog this Summer, you can head over there and see some new changes that were made: www.TheStripedAnchor.com

    Let’s hear from you in the comments! -> What’s a trend you are loving right now and what’s one that you can’t wait to die off and never return?

    P.S. I am looking for a few more mamas to highlight in this series. If you know any amazing mamas with inspiring style and parenting, point them my way!

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    So interesting to read this interview. I love shopping at TJ Max and other discount stores, too. I love checking out styles other moms are rocking. My style is pretty casual…living in Miami, we have to dress to stay cool.

    Lisa Clark

    Love this! You are so cute. Love these outfits. 🙂


    I love dressing my daughter and try to let her have her own style but can’t help myself by trying to influence her to wear what I think is cute. 🙂 Good for you for letting her dress herself.

    Charissa | thenotsobusymom.com

    Fun interview! It’s always interesting to hear about a woman’s style and how she enjoys expressing herself through her wardrobe. 🙂


    Great interview!! I personally love her style!! Especially the first outfit, so cute!


    She’s an awesome woman and a wonderful mother!!!!!!!


    I enjoyed reading this interview. I liked how UN superficial it was and look forward to seeing more from the series. She mentioned that she like a bohemian look. I do too- with a bit of a tailored look, but I don’t always know how to put that together. I’d love to see something like that included in the series.


    Great interview! Also her baby is too precious! And I too wouldn’t be made if the cold shoulder trend died.

    Sheena Steward

    I love Ash’s personality and definitely her style. It’s so pretty but also practical. I can recreate it without spending a ton of money. It’s also versatile for women on the go.


    This was a cute interview. Like here, I’m all about the bargain stores. I love TJ MaXX and Burlington. There’s always some great finds there.


    Great interview. I love discount stores, but I like getting deals on high-end designer items as well. It’s not how much you spend on an outfit, its how well you put it together


    I enjoyed reading Part 1/2 of this interview. My fave budget store is Ross but I also frequent thenstores she mentioned for myself and daughter.


    Love her looks. I don’t dress up much at all but I would like to get a cute staple wardrobe together from head to toe. I think I need a stylist.


    Such a fun interview. I love Tracee Ross as well. I’m Ross girl and love a nice dress. I already know her daughter will be a fashion start just like mom.


    I buy stylish clothes for myself and my kids, but when we’re homeschooling, we don’t usually dress up. We get dirty hanging out in nature, doing ceramics, and painting so on the weekends is our only time we dress nicely.


    My style is bohochic too! Also her favorites are my top as well I love me some Rih Rih, Solo and Tracee so much!

    Joyce Brewer

    I’m so uninspired with my personal fashion lately. My closet definitely needs an upgrade.


    I loved this interview. It is crazy how my style is the complete opposite of my 7-year-old daughter’s. She takes chances and is a lot more fashionable than me lol. I also shop at Marshalls and TJ Maxx only because they’re across from my job.