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    Save Money, Stay Bougie: Hacks to Live Your Best Life on a Budget

    Since becoming a mother, I have been more and more diligent about knowing where my money goes and learning how to make my dollars stretch farther. Along with being a single mom of one, my work has been in the beauty industry for the past 10 years. That means mommy duty and a beauty routine to maintain. The struggle is real y’all.

    I want to share with you some of my favorite hacks that have worked for me the past eight years and some new tips I have discovered

    along the way:

    1) Groupon/Living Social

    I will sing the praises of these sites for life! I made it through living in NYC as a broke college student with a lot of help from Groupon. My current 29 year old self STILL uses Groupon. These sites allow you to access goods and services for steep and tremendous discounts in your local city and nearby places. They also have trips abroad and across the U.S. for the low, low. Plan family outings, whole girlfriend vacations, pamper yourself, gift others, get your house cleaned or plan a date night. It is super easy and has just about something for everyone.

    One of the best uses for Groupon for my little family is outings. In our area, my son has attended a ninja warrior gym, the children’s museum, several movie dates with me and/or grandparents and experienced new restaurants. It’s such an amazing, easy and frugal way to experience ever so important bonding time without breaking the bank.

    2) Ebates

    Ebates is a great site to help you earn real, cash back from online purchases and some in-store purchases for things you are already buying! Download the app to your phone and add it to your browser and voila! You are on your way to cash back in varying percentages. It works by partnering with stores/brands you probably already shop and giving you percentages back on purchases you would already make! They pay you out quarterly via Paypal or check. How easy is that? Since I started using Ebates about a year ago I have earned over $125 in cash back.

    If you refer a friend they also give you a $10when your friend signs up. Check it out here

    3) Grocery Store pick up

    Many grocery chains are now participating in low cost “click-lists” or free pick ups so that you can not only cut down your grocery time, but also save more money by simply shopping online and then picking up your order within a designated time slot. I know for sure Kroger stores and Walmart are now offering this service. For Kroger you pay a small service fee and at Walmart the service is free. A testimony of how grocery pick up has saved my life is a couple weeks ago when I literally worked six days in a row and could neither find the time, nor muster the energy to drag myself to the grocery store. I hopped on my laptop, picked out my groceries (it even remembers items you bought the last time), chose my pick up time, paid and was able to go on with my day knowing I could pick my groceries up later that evening!

    It was such an amazing feeling or relief and accomplishment. I pulled into my designated spot at pick up, check in via my cell phone and within five minutes was back home unloading groceries and getting ready for the next day.

                                                                                                                                 Pin it!

    As a bougie mama on a budget, saving money is always a win-win for me. I hope this helped you and your family on your journey to save, spend more quality time, and do more activities.

    Do you all have any favorite budget hacks you love to use? Please share them with us on Instagram, Facebook, or in our Community section!

    I’m Cicely Carter and a single mom of an amazing eight year old boy named Liam. My beauty blog is Bougie Beauty Babe and @BougieBeautyBabe on Instagram. I’m beauty industry vet with ten years of experience in makeup and skincare. On top of all of those fun filled things, I’m a nursing school student and work in a hospital loving on babies for all of my shift.

    My ultimate goal is to raise an amazing little boy, share my love of beauty, be a nurse who educates and nurtures women in all aspects of their health and create the best life I can for myself and Liam. Drop by my space and say hi.

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