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    5 Simple Ways To Reinvent Your Style After Motherhood

     This is a guest post written by: Raquel Harbin

     So you’re a mom now. Leggings, sweats and oversized shirts have become your life. Maybe you find yourself missing the pre­-baby days when you actually spent time putting together cute outfits. You want to update your look but don’t know where to start.

    I’m guessing that’s more or less why you’re here, right? And I’m glad you’re here because I want to help as many moms feel good about their look as I can. Because when you look better, you feel better.

    Keep reading for 5 simple ways to reinvent your style after motherhood.

    Get your glow on.

    Being a mom, you’re probably the most exhausted you’ve ever been in life. But don’t forget to drink your water and moisturize, girl. I can’t stress enough how important taking care of your skin is because it improves your overall look. Your face is the first thing people look at when they see you, so invest in treating it well.

    Get inspiration from someone you follow.

    In this age of social media, we have the luxury of taking peeks into style across the globe whenever we want. Following a few of your favorite style bloggers on Instagram is a great start to reinventing your style.

    I’m personally in love with Kyrzayda Rodriguez. I have been following her and her story for a while now. Not only does she dress incredibly well, she gets creative with her pieces in ways that inspire me to think out of the box when it comes to my own wardrobe.





    Photo Source: Kyrzayda.com


    Change up your hair.

    One of the easiest and quickest ways to reinvent your entire look? Switching up your hair. When your hair looks great, don’t you feel like you can take on the world? (No? Just me? Okay.) Find a great stylist and tell them to surprise you with a cut and/or color. If you have trust issues like I do, try on wigs to see what colors and cuts would work best for you.

    Work with what you have.

    Reinventing your style doesn’t have to mean you need to throw all your old stuff out. And really, who has the money to do that when we happily spend it all on our kids anyway? Sometimes all your clothes need is a little bit of love. Accessories are your best friend in this case. You can have 5 different looks for one top by changing between hats, belts, jewelry or bags. It’s actually kind of fun to see what you can come up with from things already in your closet.

    Photo Source: Kyrzayda.com

    Stop saying, “I can’t.”

    The most important thing in reinventing your style is having confidence that you will slay the hell out of whatever you decide to wear. And if you don’t have it? Fake it til you make it, honey.

    I can’t tell you how many times I would love something but not buy it because I thought I couldn’t pull it off. My closet used to be made up of only three colors; black, maroon or the occasional olive piece. You wouldn’t catch me ever wearing any kind of pink. And now? I love blush pink everything.

    Get a little adventurous with patterns, colors, and textures. You know how the saying goes; great things don’t come from comfort zones.

    Simple Ways To Reinvent Your Style After Motherhood




    Did this inspire you to change up your style and get a little fancy?

    Let me know how you plan to do it­ especially if you’re going to change your hair!







    This was a featured post written by blogger, Raquel Harbin, from The Cool Mom’s Blog.

    Raquel is a 20-something work at home mom of three, living in Los Angeles. An advocate for self-care, she is passionate about making sure moms like you don’t put their needs on the back burner too often. You can stay connected with Raquel on social media via FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.


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