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    Question Of The Month Answers For May 2018

    We are so happy some of you decided to contribute to our very first question of the month. Thank you so much to those who answered and we hope to see some more awesome answers for June!


    What was the most useful gift that you were given when you had a baby?



    “I didn’t receive it as a gift because we didn’t get any gifts, but the best item we had was our tula baby carrier. It made life (eating, working, moving) possible. Though we could only begin using it when she was about 7 months. Before that we used a Beco Gemini.”

    from Pearly


    “My uncle gifted my fiance and I with a Groupon coupon to use towards a free baby blanket that we could customize with photos. I created our daughter’s blanket with some of the photos we had of her and gifted it to her for her first Christmas. She was only 2 months old during the holiday so we unwrapped it for her. My fiance and I were so happy with the quality of her blanket and thought it was a very thoughtful gift from my uncle.”

    from La’Erica (this month’s raffle winner!)


    “The best gift I was given for my baby love was my Moby wrap. I love holding my baby, but I had many things to do around our home. Instead of letting him cry it out or our home be in disarray, I was able to wear him and maintain home. Baby carriers allows closeness and free hands! I would gift a mom if it’s on her registry.”

    from Terhea


    “A diaper genie.”

    from Mya


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    What was the most useful that you ever got for your baby?

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