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    5 Ways to Kick Your Entrepreneurial Dreams into High Gear

    According to Fortune.com, African American women are the fastest growing entrepreneurial group in the US, with the number of businesses owned by Black women growing by 322% since 1997. In 2015, women owned 30% of all businesses in the US.

    If you’re interested in starting a business, you need to start by adjusting your mindset to set yourself up for success in the long term. Here are 5 suggestions from one mamapreneur to another!

    1. Tell your friends and family your plans.

    This one can be tough. It can feel like you shouldn’t tell your tribe about your business venture until it’s a big success. But telling everyone about your business dreams and plans earlier in the process can help you make valuable connections in your network. It will also help you to remain accountable to your plans and goals, which takes us to our next tip.

    2. Find an accountability buddy!

    If you can, find another mama entrepreneur to serve as your accountability buddy! Entrepreneurship is a long game, with many ups and downs. Having a like minded peer to commiserate and celebrate with, is invaluable.

    3. Describe yourself as an entrepreneur.

    When you’re at a social event, and someone asks what you do, tell them about your business venture. Even if you have a 9-5 day job, you should lead with your entrepreneurial venture. You are your brand, so be confident in your description of your company, and be prepared to sell your service/product at any time! Carry business cards. Never leave home without them.

    4. Involve your children.

    One of the most difficult aspects of entrepreneurship is time management. Getting a business off the ground can take all of your energy and time. Which can lead to mom guilt and potential failure. So involve your kids in the process when you can! Can they help package orders? Or mix ingredients? Or even help with photography for your social media presence? Get creative, and be sure to slow down to enjoy these moments. You’re teaching your kids the value of hard work and entrepreneurship along the way as well!

    5. Just start!

    Planning and dreaming of the exact right moment can really hinder your progress. Just start already! Even if you start with only a small fraction of what you hope your empire will one day look like, each step gets you closer to your dreams! Don’t hold yourself back any longer, overthinking the process. You can (and will) make mistakes and improvements as you go. Just start!

    Do you have a business that you’ve been planning on starting? Or tips that we may have missed? Share them with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!

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