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    How Traveling Can Shape Your Kid’s Personality

    One of the best memories of my childhood are my grandma’s stories of exotic places in Bangladesh and India which she had visited. I use to binge on those experiences and used to ask her to narrate them again and again. The village stories from Bangladesh where she spent her childhood, the places she saw when her family had to move during partition and her blissful moments from the Ghats in Varanasi, were some of my favorites. While my grandma enjoyed reliving those moments through her stories, there was a new love forming in my heart, the itching desire to wander and see the world.

    My passion for travel was fueled more by our army life. Every two years, we would pack our bags and head for a new adventure. A new city and a new culture could only mean more exploring and discovering new things. New houses, new schools, and friends that kept changing made me feel like a gypsy sometimes. But to be able to travel to beautiful places as often as we could, made it feel all worthed.

    I continued my adventure as a solo traveler and then more as a couple traveler. However, once we had a baby, traveling as we did earlier was no longer feasible. And in went hours of research and planning for even a short trip and still, we had to figure out most of things on the go. Honestly, with a baby in tow, your travel style completely transforms. Well, now you need to figure out the right mode of transport, a really helpful accommodation, and the most suited trip itinerary. So much work! But we choose to do it all for the love of travel.

    During my maternity leave, when I was not bound to my corporate job, we traveled to many cities in India and abroad, to make the most of the time. And trust me we have had our share of ups and down with the baby on road. But if you ask me, I think the whole experience has transcended not only ours but our baby’s personality. Our son is now more open to new people. He is not shy of meeting new people and chatting up with them to his heart’s content. He will go and ask the most random of questions to absolute strangers. He loves eating different kinds of food and wants to try new stuff even though we may be reluctant. He loves traveling and does not complain when he wakes up in a new hotel. He has grown so much patient and I would give the credit to the long queues at immigration and while boarding flights. And best of all we have tons of wonderful memories as a traveling family.

    We are still traveling, as much as we can and discovering the world, one country at a time. And I can only see my son becoming more adaptable to newer experiences. We are also writing about our travel experiences and sharing kid-friendly travel tips to help families traveling with young kids. We hope our effort encourages travel lovers not to give up on their dreams and we look forward to meeting you in some part of the world!

    This was a post written by guest writer, Pujarini Mitra. Pujarini is an entrepreneur with a serious travel addiction. She loves traveling and blogging about it. MySoulTravels is her venture to share her travel stories and experiences on the road with her baby.

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    Did you travel much before you became a parent? How has your traveling changed (or not) now that you have a little one? We’d love to hear your perspective in the comments.

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    This post really inspired me to try to start travelling more with my boys!


    Lovely sharing of your experiences, enjoyed reading it. Bravo to you & your hubby of bringing your kid along for travelling. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing