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    How To Choose The Best Lip Colors For You

    Trying to get out of the door and look least half decent, when your a mom sometimes seems impossible! Don’t let it be!

    Something so simple like adding a pop of lip color or a pretty nude lip can be the perfect touch to bring your look together. Sometimes I feel so much better just throwing on a tinted moisturizer or some foundation, mascara, and a pop of color on my lips! It’s an effortless way to make it look like you did so much more, when really who has time for that when you have to chase the kids around!

    Lip Colours

    Choosing the best lip color can enhance your beautiful features. By all means, embrace what you love and wear the colors you want, when you want! I’m all for creativity and one’s own style, but if you need help figuring out what would look best on you here are some things that can help.



    Your own undertone, use it as your guide. A quick trick to find your undertone, look at your veins…flip your hand palm side up and look at your wrist. What colors do you see?

    Cool undertone:

    Your veins will have a blue/purple hue to them.

    The skin there will appear blue, pink, or have a red appearance.

    Neutral undertone:

    You will see both warm and cool colors in your veins, so there will be a purple/green tone to them you won’t really see too much purple or too much green.

    The skin won’t look either warm or cool. You really won’t see too much color.

    Warm undertone:

    You will see veins that have an olive or greenish hue to them.

    The skin there looks yellow/peach.

    When figuring out what your undertone is don’t pay too much attention to your face because you really won’t be able to tell your true undertone there. Your face is exposed to so many environmental things that can change that colors on your face. A good one is being in the sun. Some people have natural redness in their face but that doesn’t mean they have a WARM undertone. I hear a lot of people tell me, well I have a red undertone because my face gets red, not true.

    Now that you have the correct undertone, you can now choose the color that can best enhance your beautiful features.


    To all of my beautiful WARM UNDERTONES:

    Go for colors like corals, peachy nudes, peachy pinks, nude browns, warm browns, browns, peachy browns, and browns.

    To all of my beautiful COOL UNDERTONES:

    Go for beige nudes, pale pinks, rosey colors, pale browns, deep chocolates, plums, and raisin colors.

    And all of my beautiful NEUTRAL UNDERTONES:

    Just about any color will work to enhance your features.

    Don’t be afraid to go out of the box and try different shades you haven’t tried before. Moms can have FUN TOO! You will be surprised what a pop of color could do for you!

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    This was a featured post written by Alexa Rae Troutman.

    Alexa Rae Troutman was born and raised in the windy city of Chicago. Life was complicated but that never stopped her. After high school, she went away to college at Ball State University with her 8 month-old son as a young single mom. (Alexa was determined). 

    After she left college she decided to go back home to cosmetology school. She then started her journey to achieving her dreams. From the moment she became a hair stylist & make-up artist she began to work on her dream to develop her own beauty brand! Alexa Rae Beauty.

    “It all started at home in my kitchen.”

    “I had no idea really what I was doing, but I had an idea and I had to figure it out.”

    Alexa participated in Americas Beauty Show 2 years in a row, worked at Sephora as a Senior Educator and makeup artist in Indianapolis and Las Vegas. Vegas always being a second home, she freelanced In Las Vegas as a makeup artist and in Chicago as a hair stylist/ makeup artist.


    “Being a mother is hard and A LOT of work, I wouldn’t change it for anything else in this world. When it comes to my dreams it seems to push me even harder.”

    Stay connected with Alexa on her Instagram.






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    I never knew how to find my undertones before! I’m excited to go choose some new lipsticks now that match my complexion better!

    Aisha Adams

    I am.not a big fan of wearing makeup, but when I feel like I should do a little something it is always hard to find the right lip color. Thank you for this post, and sharing the undertone secrets.


    You are a life saver. I never knew about undertones and this was super helpful. I love pinks, purples and red lipsticks for the spring and summer.


    I’ve never known how to find the undertone without speaking with someone at the makeup counter. Thanks for sharing!

    Mimi Green

    I love a good lip, I don’t know my undertones so much. I’ve always been visual, thankfully nudes look good as well as bold colors.


    As a makeup artist, I love how you provide a comprehensive guide on undertones before getting into the shades that would look good on various skin tones.


    You know, I’m a lipstick junkie and have never really thought about my undertone. I think it just comes naturally when I swatch something. But this would save me a lot of trouble.