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    IG Live Tutorial: How To Attach A Car Seat To Your Luggage (& Other Tips On Flying With Baby)

    Photos of the suitcase method:

    Some additional tips for flying with little ones:

    • Bring a baby carrier. Even though you will have the car seat for the baby to sit in, you never know when those “I just wanna be held” tantrums will hit. It’s always best to keep a baby carrier or wrap handy when traveling with little ones. I also use the carrier to wear my baby while I am actually boarding the plane. I’ll put my carry-on bag in the car seat so I can carry the car seat onto the plane.
    • Board the plane before everyone else. I didn’t know this until a flight attendant told me but all airlines will let you board first, no matter what kind of ticket you have, if you have little ones with you. I guess because the whole process of getting situated on the plane just takes longer than normal. It’s a huge help when you are taking your car seat on the plane because you have room to get everything together before things get crowded. I just always walk right up to the front of the boarding lines a few minutes before boarding and kindly let the attendant know that I’ll need to board first. I’ve never had a problem from anyone about it.
    • Bring your own food. This may seem obvious because airport prices. However, I always bring our own food simply because it’s just way more of a hassle to get food at the airport. Choosing what to get, walking all around to the different places, waiting in lines, etc. All of that is a lot more complicated when you have kids with you. And heaven forbid you’re cutting it close to boarding time for whatever reason. I always like to pack a Lunchable and two snacks per person for a standard 3-hour flight.
    • Know what you are allowed to bring with you. A lot of airlines differentiate what a person can carry-on with them according to the class of seat. It’s always good to double-check and make sure that you know exactly what you can and cannot have with you. For example: Someone might typically be allowed one gate-checked item, one carry-on, and one personal item. However, if you are traveling with a little one you might also be allowed additional items to this list such as one soft cooler, one stroller (gate-checked), AND one diaper bag per seat. This sounds like a ton of stuff but let me tell you all of these additional allowed items has saved me a lot of money from having to pay to check extra luggage. It’s also nice because it relieves the stress of trying to cram all of your essentials in one or 2 bags. You can find out what your airline allows by checking their website.
    • Organization is key.  With all of the things that you might be bringing with you it is crucial for your sanity to stay organized as much as possible. Use bags with lots of pockets, use ziploc bags to keep things separated and organized, make sure that you have things like your ID and phone in a secure place that you can get to quickly, etc.


    Well, that’s all that I can think of for now!

    Have you flown with little ones? How did it go, hectic but you made it or smooth as butter? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

    Also, if you try out the car seat techniques in the video be sure to post a photo on social media and tag us @heybougiemama in it! We’d love to see how it works out for ya.



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    Thanks for the lovely tips shared here. Gonna share this to my sis in law for her usage for my little niece. Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    Michele-Kid Congeniality

    That’s brilliant! I would never have thought of attaching a car seat to my luggage. I used to just have my husband roll one and me the other!

    Noteworthy Mommy

    Helpful tips. We have taken a few flights each year of my daughter’s life. Although there is a lot of “stuff” you need to take with you when your child is a baby the most challenging trip was with a two year old the first time she had her own seat. Now that she is three and loves to play “airplane” at home I think everything would be much smoother. Thank you for the car seat video. We always checked the seat. Wish I knew these tips.


    This is a good way to ne able to bring the car seat, especially if you don’t have additional hand to help get it on the plane.


    This is a great way to bring your car seat with you, especially if you don’t have the extra hands to help you.


    Great tip for taking your car seat.


    Oh wow never thought to do this. To be honest the look of it absolutely terrifies me! But it’s obviously safe and secure. So happy mine are of walking age, great tips!

    Autumn Murray
    Autumn Murray

    Great tips! I didn’t know you could attach a car seat to your luggage!

    Tosha Ornelas

    Such a great post on traveling with a baby and all ththe fun stuff! We have flown once with 2 babies and 2 pre teens it was quite a trip. It’s def good to be prepared.

    Tosha Ornelas

    Such a great post for traveling with a baby! Def good to be organized and prepared a head of time.

    Tosha Ornelas

    Great post it’s good to be prepared and organized a head of time!