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    What’s a Doula? 5 Benefits of a Birth Doula and Why You Might Want One For Your Next Pregnancy

    My work as a birth doula is to provide mothers who desire continuous labor, birth and postpartum support. I promote love, peace and happiness while creating the calm. I draw on my professional training and knowledge to provide physical, emotional, partner support, evidence-based information to make informed decisions and advocacy.


    5 Benefits of a Birth Doula

    Physical Support:

    Position ideas for comfort and labor progression cross over with hands-on comfort measures like comforting touch, counter pressure, breathing techniques and other “doula magic” for families. A doula’s skilled hands and positioning tools can often help a malpositioned baby find its way through the pelvis and into the birthing parent’s arms.


    Emotional Support:

    Doulas help families to feel supported, easing the emotional experience of birth and also helping to create a space where the hormones of labor can work at their best. Whether a birth is completely unmedicated or medically very complex, every family can benefit from nurturing and connection at this tender, incredible time in their lives.


    Partner Support:

    Whether it’s a romantic partner, a friend or another family member like the baby’s grandma, the birth partner’s experience matters in birth. Our doulas are there to support every birth partner in being as involved as they’d like with the birth. Physical and emotional support make a huge difference for everyone involved.


    Evidence-Based Information and Advocacy:

    DONA International doulas are trained to help families connect with evidence-based resources so they can ask great questions and make informed decisions about their births. Our doulas serve as a bridge of communication between women and their providers, lifting them up to help them find their voices and advocate for the very best care.

    (Source: www.dona.org)


    The impact doulas can have on the birthing community is to guide the mother to create a positive and memorable labor, birth and postpartum experience. I also encourage and promote every mother to breastfeed their baby as well. Some of the benefits of having continuous support from a birth doula are decrease use of piton, any medications for pain relief, reduce the risk of a cesarean section, newborns being admitted to a special care nursery, lower dissatisfaction with birth experience and increase the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth. Many mothers are wanting to have a say about their bodies during pregnancy, labor and birth. When a client hires me, I reassure them that I’m there to empower their ideal birth. Each and every birth is like witnessing a miracle and seeing mothers and fathers being born.

    (Source: www.evidencebasedbirth.com/doulas)

    Now that you’ve learned about birth doulas, see all the ways that post-partum doulas can help you after birth here.

     About the Author

    I’m Terhea P. Harris,CD(DONA), owner and birth doula of Lovely Lavender Lady Doula Services.  I’m the wife of a patient, loving husband for eleven years and the mother of three wonderful sons. I have learned the art of loving and nurturing myself first in order to do the same for others. I decided to become a labor supporter/ birth worker when it was suggested to me from a family member and the previous conversations with mothers regarding unpleasant birth experiences. Mothers deserve to have continuous support on their birthing journey and should have a doula when they need one.

    Website: www.lovelylavenderlady.com

    Facebook: Lovely Lavender Lady Doula Services

    Instagram: @13lovelylavenderlady

    Twitter: @13lvlylvndrldy

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    I really wish I had a doula, especially to help with breastfeeding and adjusting to life at home with a baby.

    Cassie |White Sands and Cool Breezes

    Thank you for teaching us about doulas! I debated on having one for my son’s birth. I think they’re a great option for mothers!!!!


    I did not use a doula during my birth. However, I think if I had, a lot of the early onset things would have been caught earlier. There’s definitely a benefit !


    I wish I found out about this when I was pregnant with my first child. It would have probably made a lot of difference.

    Autumn Murray
    Autumn Murray

    Having a doula is extremely helpful for first-time mothers!


    This is such great information. I definitely want to consider having a doula next time I have a baby.

    James Anderson

    It’s great that you’ve mentioned how doulas help families to feel supported, ease the emotional experience of birth, and helps to create a space where the hormones of labor can work at their best. My wife is expected to give birth soon and she is anxious if she can do it once she goes into labor. I’ll consider getting a doula for her and start looking for one right away.

    Hazel Owens

    That’s good to know that a doula not only emotionally supports the woman but also their partner during the process. My sister is pregnant with her first child so she and her husband are excited and a little stressed out. I’ll have to tell her about a doula since they can help her calm down but also support her husband so he can enjoy the birth as well.

    Mia Stewart

    I like how the article explains that a doula can help to ease the emotional experience of birth. I am going to be having my first baby and I want it to be a good experience for both me and my husband. I will look into hiring a doula to help us have a good birthing experience.