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    5 Amazing Apps to Boost Your Mental Health and Wellness

    Ready to unlock some amazing apps to boost your mental health and wellness? There are so many apps available, it can be hard to pick and choose which one might be the best for what you need. I am excited to share these 5 highly rated apps that were tested and suggested by community members. But, we are looking forward to hearing what you use and would add to the list in the comments!

    Disclaimer: Technology can be such a blessing and there are amazing apps you can use to track your mental health and wellness but it is not a complete replacement for professional help.


    1. Headspace: Meditation

    This one is¬†highly¬†recommended, almost everyone who I talked to suggested this app! This app is focused on teaching meditation and mindfulness. The free version will give “…access to hundreds of meditations on everything from stress and anxiety to sleep and focus.” There is also a paid version that is about $13 a month that gives you access to more apps and features if you need it.


    2. Wunderlist

    For the ever forgetful person like me who relies heavily on to-do lists, Wunderlist is the app for you! This app is free, you are able to create to-do lists and set due dates and reminders. You can view your lists across your devices and you can even share lists with other people! My fiancé and I use it to organize our chores around the house, grocery shopping lists, you name it.



    3. The Now

    This app sends daily reminders that allow you to pause, reflect, and be present. Those that suggested this app really loved the quotes that were shared and it gave them something nice to look forward and reflect on every day!



     4. Super Better Mental Wellness Gaming App

    This app describes itself as an everyday coach for gameful living. The idea is that we are able to apply the lessons learned in the problem-solving spaces in the app to our lives. Someone with anxiety suggested this app and said that it was very helpful for them in feeling more grounded and present.



    5. What’s Up? – A Mental Health App

    This app has a few awesome features that community members loved! One feature includes a journaling section where you can write whatever you would like — what you are thinking, feeling, etc. At the end, you can make a note on how you would rate the day using smiley faces. A great way to keep track of how you are feeling. There’s also a feature to help you get grounded by asking you to answer questions and engage.


    That concludes our top 5! Have you used any of these apps? What did you think? What would you add to the list?

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