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    “Beautiful Babies” – A Book Review On Prenatal Nutrition

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    Today is World Book Day! With that in mind, I’d love to share with you a wellness related book that was useful to me during two pregnancies.

    Actually, the first time I read this book was literally because a mentor of mine, who is also a whole foods educator said “Tiffany, you should check this out” and because I was iffy about it, she bought it for me and then would ask me weekly what I thought. Being that I didn’t want to disappoint my mentor I caved and read it. My stubbornness can be embarrassing but hey now I’m recommending the book to you all…so basically all that to say my mentor was right!

    Click here to find it on Amazon!

    Back to topic, often times in the fitness world we may see people incredibly active & consistent in the gym but once they get pregnant fitness life stops and is set to resume after the baby is born. Of course there are safety precautions that pregnant women should take but the notion that I’ll give up on being active and give into all the bad things that I’m not allowed to eat at any other point in life is a lot of people’s truth (amiright?!) This book was amazing to me because it speaks to real people about not just the “not to do’s” but also the “why” behind that and gives practical information for making changes so that women have the best outcome at fertility and having a healthy baby. In the end don’t we all just want our babies to be born healthy?!


    Have you read this or other fetal nutrition books? What’s your favorite?

    Share with us in the comments, so that we can continue to grow as a community!


    You can find more book suggestions in our regularly updated Curated Book List.



    Disclaimer: This unpaid review is my personal opinion. It has not been endorsed by the author and does not intend to infringe on any of the author’s legal rights. 




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    This looks like a great book, I so believe in eating whole foods especially when you pregnant. Definitely a book I’d be keen to read when I’m pregnant.


    Awesome post! Fitness during pregnancy is vital. I performed on my sorority step team during my pregnancy and was in the best shape of my life. Thanks for advocating for healthy lifestyles for moms!


    This looks like a great book, eating well during pregnancy is key.

    Liz Cleland
    Liz Cleland

    I am sure books like this were out there when I was pregnant but I never saw them. I loved reading while pregnant!!


    Seems like a great read!! It is so easy to get trapped in the mindset that you can eat what you want and work it off later. Thanks for sharing!


    These seems like a great book! I might be buying this soon as I’m pregnant right now!