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    #TIPOFTHEWEEK: What To Ask When Choosing Birth Control (w/ free worksheet)

    With so many different birth control options out there the process of choosing the right one can get confusing, and sometimes over-whelming. Sure, you can consult Dr. Google, but where do you even start?

    Our Tip of the Week this week is a list of questions to ask your doctor when choosing birth control. Start with this list of questions to point you in the right direction towards choosing the best option for you.


    We’ve put these questions (some are paraphrased) onto a handy worksheet that you can print out and take with you to your doctor visit. It is also great to share with someone younger and getting started on birth control for the first time. Ask your doctor these questions and record the answers on your free worksheet for future reference. You can also use this worksheet to look over later if you don’t want to make a decision right away. (Click the link below)

    I want my free worksheet, please!

    Have you ever used birth control? What helped you decide which one to use? Are there any other concerns that you consider when choosing which birth control is right for you?



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