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    Vegan Jackfruit Pulled “Pork” Sandwiches

    These were a complete experiment! My fiancé had requested a vegan meal for his birthday brunch and I was excited to try out a BBQ recipe on him. Jackfruit is used in many vegan barbecue dishes because of its meaty texture and ability to take on flavor. Initially, I was going to follow a recipe for jackfruit pulled “pork” but the universe had other plans! There was no canned jackfruit at the Wegman’s where we were shopping but they did have a whole selection of seasoned packages of jackfruit! We ended up snagging the pre-seasoned package, sautéing it with chopped onion, pepper, and a little maple syrup, and it was good to go! We toasted up some buns, spread some vegan chipotle mayo, and topped with a carrot and cabbage slaw. Like I said, this was mostly an experiment gone very well but I would be happy to write a formal recipe if there is interest!

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