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    #TIPOFTHEWEEK: Sweet Potato Tacos

    For this week’s Tip Of The Week, we will follow Meatless Monday with Meatless Taco Tuesday!

    BougieMama’s theme of the week is vegan eating and I have to admit I’ve felt a little lost about how I was going to participate. I’ve never gone vegan nor do I plan on it. However, I do love to make meatless dishes. My oldest son and I have never been a huge fan of meat so I like to avoid it when I can. So to all of you who are like us and just like to cut out meat but not go full-on vegan (in my best radio personality voice): This one’s for you.


    One of my favorite go-to meatless meals is Sweet Potato Tacos.

    Sweet potatoes are a super food because they are so incredibly nutritious. And tacos are just amazing. Am I right?!  I have to admit that when I first heard of making tacos out of sweet potatoes I was very skeptical. It just sounds weird. But whoever thought to put them together is a bonafide genius. They are so good! My sister described them as being “surprisingly meaty tasting”. And the beauty about tacos is how customizable they are. I will tell you how I make mine so you can get the idea but have fun and make yours however you like.

    Ingredients I use: 

    + Cheese. In the photo I used mozzarella, but to be totally honest I always use whatever shredded cheese I have on hand and it tastes good no matter what kind it is.

    + Sweet Potato. I typically can make about four or five tacos from one large sweet potato but sweet potatoes are always different sizes so just go on your best judgement.

    + Leafy greens. You can do the usual shredded lettuce or add an extra dash of healthy and use fresh spinach leaves. You can even use sautéed kale like I did with the ones in the photo. Choices, sis.

    + Seasoning. I love to use Mrs. Dash Chipotle with some Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy or a little Cayenne.

    + Tortillas. My favorite are the corn/flour hybrid ones.

    + Non-stick spray.  If you don’t have any spray you can use a little bit of oil or butter.

    +Optional Toppings: These tacos pair well with some avocado slices, a few black beans, and a little salsa on top. If you are using black beans, let them soak in a large bowl of water overnight or at least for 4 hours. The longer the better.

    What to do:

    1. Mince the sweet potato. It’s easier to cut if you microwave it for a minute or so first.

    2. Heat your pan to medium heat and add your non-stick agent.

    3. Throw in the sweet potatoes (and beans if using them) and season them to taste. Stir them around every few minutes. Keep in mind the smaller you cut them up, the faster they will cook. You want to let them cook until they are soft to bite but have a little brown crisp on the outside.

    4. While the potatoes are cooking, quickly heat your tortillas in a separate skillet and get them ready on a plate.

    5. When the potatoes are done cooking, assemble your tacos as your heart desires. That’s it!

    Drop a comment on our Community page and let us know how you customize your meatless tacos!


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