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    #TIPOFTHEWEEK : Mama & Me Fitness At Home

    This is a guest post written by mama-preneur, Tiffany Gutierrez.

    For busy moms, finding time to exercise outside of the home can be a task that just won’t get checked off that daily list, often resulting in busy moms just not working out at all. I completely understand as I, myself have a pack of 5, a full-time career, and a home to take care of. So trust me when I say it is doable at home.


    Working out at home can be as fun or as dull as you’d like and can be done with no equipment. When I am on top of life I try to aim for 15-20 minutes of a daily home workout, as that’s usually as long as my kids will allow. When working out with kids, my suggestion is to not focus solely on reps, sets, or even exact time. Its great to have a goal but if you want your kids to be engaged with you then you have to line up with their attention span a bit. Personally, I like a lot of movements that change planes (example; standing squat to push-up to deadbugs), changing the planes of motion also helps keep kids engaged and interested while you get an awesome multi-planar workout. Here’s a night-time video with my kids in our most natural state, pj’s, crazy hair, etc., so that all can see it’s completely possible to workout at home with the kids.

    I would say if your goal is anything other than just being active and maybe shedding a few pounds this wouldn’t be the only type of working out you should do but it can be a great supplement when leaving the house for the gym is not an option. This video was only about 4 minutes of exercise, I followed the kids lead on when it was time to move to each exercise and focused more on fun with them, I didn’t correct their form (I’ll save that for another day) and I didn’t focus on being super stringent. Many times I’ll set the clock for 20 minutes and just keep going, this day that didn’t work as baby crying and irritability made it quick but hey a sweat is a sweat.


    Workout Sample:

    -You can do this for rough time estimates (20-30 seconds each exercise), or if your kids will do set repetitions, by all means, go ahead.

    -This can be done in 5-20 minutes. Do what suits you and above all have fun!

    1. Marching in place
    2. Jog in place
    3. Side to side hops
    4. Squat (we added the “hi-five” to make it fun for the kids)
    5. Push-ups or mountain climbers
    6. Surfer pop-ups

    -Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat up to 4 times.

    It’s that easy! Do you workout from home? If so, what kind of progress have you seen from home workouts?






    This is a guest post written by Tiffany Gutierrez, Co-Owner of Cal City Fitness based in California City, California. You can find Cal City Fitness on Facebook and on Instagram. Tiffany is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Instructor, and a Zumba® Instructor with her own Facebook page where she uses her expertise to answer commonly asked questions and provide tips on health & fitness.








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