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    #TIPOFTHEWEEK For Pumping Mamas


    One of the hardest parts of transitioning back to work, and into daycare, for breastfeeding mamas is pumping and making enough milk for baby’s time at daycare.

    Our tip of the week this week is a simple one. While you’re pumping milk at work, or anywhere else away from your little one, bring as much of your little one with you as possible:


    1. Record a picture or video of your baby’s hungry cry on your phone. Watch it while you pump. It’ll help you release oxytocin, the love hormone responsible for triggering milk production and release.

    2. Bring your baby’s hat with you! Smelling your baby may trigger positive memories together. Release that oxytocin, mama!


    3. Stay hydrated! As busy as you’ll be at work, be sure to drink plenty of water. A large water bottle with a straw will make hydration as accessible as possible.


    With Love,


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