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    2018 Update: The Future of BougieMama

    If you’ve been following our blog for these last few months, let me start by saying Thank You! What started as an individual blog a few years ago, has grown into so much more through shared vision and the amazing contributions of my two co-founders (Bridgid and Cecilia). Since September, we’ve been meeting weekly using Google Hangouts, communicating constantly through text and Slack, and working extremely hard to create and seek out quality content to provide useful information and consistently amplify the voices of mamas of color.

    And we’re  just getting started!

    In 2018, we’ve decided to each specialize in a content area related to our personal and professional interests. This will allow us to provide more well-rounded and thorough content in each of these areas: Wellness, Style & Beauty, and Prosperity. We’ll also all be working with our Parenting topic! Here’s more info about our vision for these areas this year, and who we’re hoping to feature!


    P R O S P E R I T Y

    We’ll be talking about financial wellness: budgeting, investing, debt repayment, etc. Prosperity will also cover the areas of professional growth: entrepreneurship, work/life balance, salary negotiations, and more! Desiree will be taking this specialization on, and is super excited to learn more about these aspects. As an Economics degree holder, who has worked in higher education and human resources, and a homeowner/budding investor, I’m so ready to be accountable to our readers in learning more about building prosperity and generational wealth. I’m looking to feature mamas of color who are:

    • Entrepreneurs

    • Budget-savvy

    • Human Resource Professionals

    • Experienced professionals from different fields

    • Personal finance experts

    • Paying off debt

    • Real-estate experts

    • Insurance professionals

    • And more! If you have something to share, please reach out!


    S T Y L E  &  B E A U T Y

    We are excited to cover a wide array of topics regarding but not limited to: skincare, haircare, makeup, home design, and fashion; in both written posts and in video for our Youtube channel. Bridgid will be handling this category. She is excited to also get into topics deeper than the outside beauty, such as raising a confident child, discussing the impact of a natural hair journey, and steps to embracing your new mama body. Join us as we learn, grow, and flourish from the inside out.

    We would love to feature mamas of color who are:

    • Designers: interior and fashion

    • DIY blogger/vloggers

    • Style Influencers

    • Hair Stylists

    • Make-up Artists

    • Beauty Bloggers/Vloggers

    • Boutique Owners

    • Body Image Thought Leaders

    • Don’t see your title but have something to contribute to this category? Let us know!


    W E L L N E S S

    We’ll be talking about overall health and wellness in this category with topics including (but not limited to): fitness, nutrition, mental health, bodywork, meditation, and much more. Cecilia will be taking on this section and is very excited to share what she knows and learn from you all! Cecilia has been running for 5 years and is an ultramarathon runner. She is working towards her doctorate in social policy with a concentration in women’s health and is very passionate about this area.

    We are looking forward to featuring mamas of color who are:

    • Fitness enthusiasts (including runners, at home workouts, cyclists, and other athletes)

    • Nutritionists

    • Healthy eating journeys

    • Mental health

    • Body work (including reiki, massage therapy, and more)

    • Meditation practices

    • Self-care

    • And the list goes on! Let us know if you have something to share that you think will fit!



    Last, but certainly not least, we will be working to bring you parenting articles and content around positive parenting, natural parenting practices, and creating positive messages for our children. We’ll also cover parenting as it intersects with the topics above! We would love to feature mamas who are:

    • Practicing positive parenting

    • Providing unique educational systems to their children

    • Creating new healthy traditions for their families

    • Actively putting financial infrastructure in place for their children

    • Experts in children’s health, education, or behavior

    If you’re interested in being featured on BougieMama, please reach out to us here! Even if you aren’t sure what you’d like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you! We’ve also created a Facebook community for all of our featured mamas, to share resources and ideas! Feel free to join here!

    BougieMama is our community to build and nurture, and we hope you’ll continue to join us on this journey as we all learn and grow together! Please share any thoughts you might have with us in our comments section below, and let your mama friends know that we’re here for them!



    With Love,

    Desiree, Cecilia, and Bridgid



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