• From Us Wellness

    5 Tips: Making Time for Mommy Workouts

    As a personal trainer, hands-down the most common reason I hear mom’s say they can’t do home workouts is because they have kids. I will admit, there are truly times in life where making time for yourself as a mom probably just isn’t going to be on the primary to-do list. No matter how many times we tell each other to work on self-care, sometimes the only form of self-care is being ableto sleep AND eat regularly. But there’s hope!…

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  • From Us Prosperity

    August is Black-Owned Business Month pt.1

    August is black-owned businesses month! As 3 moms of color, we have to celebrate! Each week this month we will share product and service-based businesses owned by black-moms. Click on the links to follow, learn, and support these mom…